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the whole family July 2005 - Kendra Desirae, Keith, James, Kristin, Niawana (left to right)


the whole family plus some friends July 2004 - Kendra Desirae, James, Niawana, Kristin, Denny Dobbins, Alyssa Dobbins, and Keith (left to right) 

the whole family, July 2001

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Special family photos for Aunt Gisela in Germany

Other family photos

Current family pets

Past family pets

We live in Rogers, Arkansas.
I, James (the father, the html nut, etc), am 50 years old.
Niawana (Cherokee for little deer she's been told) and I have been married for 23 wonderful years.
We have been blessed with 3 children - Keith (22), Kristin (20), and Kendra Desirai (6). Sometimes they let ole Dad use the home computer.
--- Dec 2006
I work for Wal-Mart, Inc. in the Information Systems Division
We attend First United Pentecostal Church in Rogers, AR.

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