Special historical photos for Aunt Gisela in Germany

the whole family in the James & Niawana VanGundy wedding May 1983
 - Jimmie & Charlotte VanGundy, Niawana & James VanGundy, and Mary & Arthur Scroggins (left to right) 
           ((Note that Mary is the daughter of Jimmie & Charlotte, sister of James, and about 8 months pregnant in this photo))

Charlotte & Jimmie VanGundy with the grandkids - July 2005 - Keith, Charlotte, Kristin, and Jimmie (left to right)


Arthur Scroggins (my brother-in-law), Niawana (my wife) and Mary Scroggins (my sister) - Dec 1990

Charlotte VanGundy - Dec 2006 

Niawana & James VanGundy - July 2006 

other photos:

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