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   I've created this page of "sermon" songs - songs with a pastoral-type message.  Interestingly enough, many of their singers are or were youth pastors like all 3 of Phillips, Craig, & Dean or the lead singer from Casting Crowns.  I've put this page together as a simple summary of some of these messages from youtube for your enjoyment and blessing.

   Note that I "own" only the Rogers First United Pentecostal Church youtube video at the end of this page. 

Phillips, Craig, & Dean - "I want to be just like you".
This is a simple sermon about a father wanting to be more like Jesus because he knows his son wants to be just like him.  How true that our children "read" us as a true "life pattern" to follow.

Casting Crowns - "Slow Fade".
A poignant sermon about backsliding.  A person typically doesn't just drop out of church in just one day.  It takes a lot of compromises over time to slip into such a personal state.  

Casting Crowns - "Does Anyone Hear Her".
You have to take this sermon not as a judgment on the Church, but a provocation toward betterment.  It is human nature to But as Christ's body here on Earth, we must instead constantly reach out to any who do not know the truth or the joy of salvation.  Christ calls all unsaved to come to Him.  We aren't the choosers.

Casting Crowns - "Praise You In The Storm".
How true that our lives are always calm and peaceful.  There are times that storms rage about us.  At such times, we don't understand why God doesn't just fix everything for us as He is perfectly able to do.  Like a good parent, He allows us "free will" to push thru the storms so that we learn lessons that won't be forgotten and our internal strength grows.  Just like physical strength, our internal spiritual strength grows from the storms of Life.  We can't give up on God whatever comes our way.

Indiana Bible College - "Revelation Song".
Just worship of the King.


Casting Crowns - "Voice of Truth".
We hear a lot of voices throughout life.  Some are negative.  They tell us that we aren't worthy of anything.  While this is true, we must also remember that we, as Christians, are children of the King.  We are nothing, but we are everything through God who strengthens us.  It is His voice that we must listen to as we go through life.  His voice, the "voice of truth".

Casting Crowns - "If we are the body".
Again, a call for the Church to improve, not a judgment of the Church.  The Church needs to extend beyond human limitations and reach out to others in a truly Christ-like manner.  We need to help people, not judge them.  How can we do such.  Only when we lean on God instead of ourselves.  Prayer helps a lot.  Think of praying to be just talking with God - reaching out to Him for help that we might help others for Him.  

Rogers First United Pentecostal Church choir - "Lord, You're Holy"
Again, more worship - this time from my home church.

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